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Mr. Kushagr Ansal
Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd.

Ansal Housing has had an amazing experience with Sell.Do in the last one & a half years of association with this system. As the most advanced Lead Management Platform for Real Estate, we have found it to be very efficient, right from lead generation stage all the way to booking stage.

Mr. Gautam Aggarwal
AVP - Product Development
Casa Grande Private Limited is the most advanced lead management platform for real estate and it is very efficient from lead generation to booking.

Mr. Saurabh Natu
VP - Sales, Marketing & CRM
Puraniks Builders

Sell.Do has facilitated my team to understand their pipeline in organised manner as well as the prospective customers.

Mr. Sagar Agarwal
AGM - Marketing & Customer Experience
Gera Developers Pvt. Limited team is been very pro-active and supporting to us.The support team resolves all the queries in less than 2 hrs. which is superb!

Gunjan Goel
Director - Media & Marketing Communications
Goel Ganga Developments Pvt. Ltd.

Sell.Do is a brilliant system and has really helped us at Goel Ganga to administer and organize our large inquiry flow in simpler manner. The support team is very proactive and resolves issues quite instantly.

Mr. Prashant Mirkar
VP - Sales & Marketing
House of Hiranandani.

We have been using Sell.Do since past 1 year and it has further enhanced our ability to gauge the performance of media in terms of ROI. It has helped us to manage large gamut of customer data and gain valuable insights.

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