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Sales & Marketing Automation Platform
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USD 2 Billion
worth inventory sold
2.5+ Million
leads managed
150+ Million
customer interactions managed
an entire team of domain experts & process consultants to set up your workforce on Sell.Do within 48 hours
Support when you need it.

SaaS based cloud infrastructure with enterprise data security

99.9% uptime and backup guarantee

Go-live support & platform training

Onsite domain expert & process consultants available

Market Smarter
  • Reach the right buyer
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Use previous data to reduce lead cost
  • Understand your buyer and his behaviour
  • Engage your customers better
Sell Faster
  • Focus on your hot pipeline
  • Reduce sales cycle
  • Forecast sales pipeline
  • Track and improve your sales turnaround time
  • Enhance your customer experience
Amura Guarantee
  • 6+ years of real estate marketing and sales experience
  • Working with over 100+ Real Estate clients in India
  • Created after studying processes of over 50+ real estate companies in India
  • Rs. 10,000 Cr worth inventory moved in 2015 calender year

Our Success Stories

Mr. Kushagr Ansal
Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd.

Ansal Housing has had an amazing experience with Sell.Do in the last one & a half years of association with this system. As the most advanced Lead Management Platform for Real Estate, we have found it to be very efficient, right from lead generation stage all the way to booking stage.Due to the various tools made readily available by Sell.Do system to the sales personnel, they are able to service inquiries in a much better manner. This has resulted in our sales team reporting improved conversion percentage. Needless to say, we are quite satisfied with the results. Amura has an extremely talented and committed team of young professionals whose response time for support must be among the best in the realty industry. We wish them all the best with their future endeavors.”

Mr. Gautam Aggarwal
AVP - Product Development
Casa Grande Private Limited

Sell.Do is most advanced lead management platform for real estate and it is very efficient from lead generation to booking. By using it we have improved sales conversion percentage and able to service enquirers better. We are very happy with results. They are extremely talented and committed team and response time for support is best in industry.. Wish Amura all the best with their future endeavors.

Mr. Saurabh Natu
VP - Sales, Marketing & CRM
Puraniks Builders

Sell.Do has facilitated my team to understand their pipeline in organised manner as well as the prospective customers. It has also helped them improve the follow-ups and nurture the leads with automatic task / appointment scheduling. My sales-leaders then could segment and profile the leads and this has resulted in focused use of the time and efforts. This has helped us to increase the team productivity by 30-35%.

Mr. Sagar Agarwal
AGM - Marketing & Customer Experience
Gera Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Sell.Do team is been very pro-active and supporting to us. The support team resolves all the queries in less than 2 hrs. which is superb! is single window solution for every real estate developer. High on data integrity and most importantly it helps us monitor both campaigns & teams real time!

Gunjan Goel
Director - Media & Marketing Communications
Goel Ganga Developments Pvt. Ltd.

Sell.Do is a brilliant system and has really helped us at Goel Ganga to administer and organize our large inquiry flow in simpler manner. The support team is very proactive and resolves issues quite instantly.

Sunil Rebeiro
Associate Vice President - CRM
Dheeraj Realty

Sell.Do is a great Real estate sales & marketing automation platform which is quite user friendly and simple. The support team is very prompt in their response and they address problems effectively and efficiently. It can be customised as per the customers' requirement to make it more user friendly.

Mr. Prashant Mirkar
VP - Sales & Marketing
House of Hiranandani

We have been using Sell.Do since past 1 year and it has further enhanced our ability to gauge the performance of media in terms of ROI. It has helped us to manage large gamut of customer data and gain valuable insights. It's easy to maneuver user interface has helped our sales managing in managing their pipeline more efficiently.

One Platform - Multifold Features
Sales Management
Improve sales productivity from day one - managing your sales team and the lead pipeline has never been so easy!
  • Sales Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline Customisation
  • Pre-Sales Management
  • Work with teams and across geographies
  • Reporting
Lead Management and Data Security
Track all your leads and manage them better for more closures
  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Conversion
  • Lead profiling
  • Tagging, Search & Assignment
  • Capture Leads from all sources
  • Manage on the go
Campaign Management
Set up campaigns and track your Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) all on one platform
  • Website Integration and tracking
  • Track offline sources
  • Lead Routing
Big Data Analytics and Reporting
Track every online & offline interaction with your customer - from the first touchpoint to the last
  • Insightful dashboard
  • Cross-Functional Analysis
  • Real-time Data Visualisation
  • Real-Estate expertise
  • ROMI Reports
  • Call Centre Reports
  • Sales Performance & Pipeline Analysis
  • Funnel Analysis
Proxied Communication and Cloud Telephony
Manage your end-to-end telephony requirements in the cloud
  • Track all your campaigns & never miss a call
  • Fully Integrated and Rapidly Elastic Cloud Telephony
  • Call from anywhere
  • Call recordings
  • Customisable and multilingual IVR
  • Intelligent Call flow control
  • International Numbers and Calling
  • Call Centre Software and Dashboard
  • Reporting & call analytics
Email and SMS Automation
Nurture your leads with multiple communication tools in a single intuitive platform
  • SMS & Email Auto-responders
  • Bulk Email & SMS Workflow-based Marketing
  • Drip marketing
  • Customisable Sending Option & White Labelling
  • In-Depth Analytics
Workflow Management
Map and automate your entire business process into a workflow
  • Setup triggers to your workflow based on lead and sales events
  • Schedule tasks or meetings, update lead attributes, move your pipeline stages; all based on an automated workflow
  • Build escalation matrix and get email/SMS notifications
Inventory Management
Add and manage your inventory from a single point
  • Manage Projects
  • Work with Live Inventory
  • Manage new and resale inventory
  • Automated brochures and price quotes
Mobile CRM
Manage your sales pipeline on the move with an easy-to-use Android app
  • Access customer data anywhere
  • Mobilise your workforce
  • Realtime in-app push notifications
  • Offline Access
Post Sales Management
Streamline your post-sales process and requirements on one platform
  • Cost Template & Interest Calculations, Payment Schedule Automation
  • Separate Post-Sales Team and Users with a separate UI
  • Demand Letter Generation as per Payment Schedule
  • Automated Payment Reminders, Updates & Receipts
  • Interest Calculation
  • Integrated Calling, Email & Follow-up
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